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We offer property management services to make the process of renting and buying your Estonian property as simple as possible.

We take care of the whole process of equipping your property, finding good tenants, managing the property and resolving any problems that might occur without the owner needing to get involved.

This offers complete peace of mind to customers who are generally located miles away from.

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  • Visit and photograph the property and advise on the likely rent obtainable
  • Advertise the property and offer it to selected applicants on our register
  • Show prospective tenants around the property
  • Credit check tenants (residents mainly)
  • Draw up a tenancy agreement and arrange its signing
  • Draw up an Inventory of Contents and note their condition
  • Take readings of gas, electricity and water meters when the tenants take possession and, again, at the conclusion of the tenancy
  • Secure deposit handling
  • Arrange for any repairs or resolve any problems with the property during the tenancy period
  • In event of the tenant not paying the rent, we can arrange recovery procedures following consultation with the owner including starting a legal action against the tenant
  • Insurance assistance

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